Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nourishing, Life Affirming Rituals

I really hope you will take that time to watch this video. It really supports what I'm trying to do and helps put it in perspective what benefits are available to all of by taking care of ourselves. I feel that doing these uplifting and nourishing rituals that Bernadette talks about are helping me to get my life in balance and in control, and I want to keep it that way; not just to get me out of a rut but to keep myself living at the level that I want to.

I'm taking B's advice and writing down my list of rituals that nourish and uplift me, that I know are important to me; those things that make all the difference in my day.

Prayer (morning and night, a frequently throughout the day, and constantly with a prayer in my heart)
Daily Devotional (whether that is reading (studying) or listening to the scriptures, or the words of living prophets and apostles in general conference talks or the Ensign. - sometimes as a mother of a toddler, I have to listen rather than read to prevent tantrums and keep the peace)
Meditation and Guided Imagery
Positive Affirmations (listening to them and saying them)
WheatGrass Juice first thing
Fresh Veggie/Fruit Juice in the morning
Green Smoothies
Being Quiet in Nature

I am sure I could add more to my list, but these are the main ones that really come to mind that do me good. What are your nourishing rituals?

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