Thursday, March 27, 2014

Helpful, Healing Meditations

Here is a playlist of the Most Helpful Meditations I've found on You Tube, and I'll also include them separately below.

This one is excellent one to do after your morning prayer. (or anytime during the day - not at bed time)

Guided Morning Meditation 

This one would also be great for the morning (or anytime during the day - not at bed time). It would be a very good one to do in the middle of the day too. If it's warm enough, you could go recline in your car during a break and take 15 minutes to clear your mind and reset your thoughts for a super positive uplift.

Positive Meditation Uplift Your Emotions

These next two are the best ones I've found on Youtube to do in your bed right before you go to sleep. (You can also do them during the day, but I think it's best to lay down to do them.) They help me quiet my mind and send a calm restful feeling throughout my body. 


This is the meditation that Angie Holpuch supports most. My homework for a few weeks was to do this once during the day and once at night. It was very helpful to get my mind and body to relax (although she's a bit mono-tone and the music isn't my favorite) - still a great tool though!

and this is a CD that I HIGHLY recommend. I found this even before my diagnosis, and it was the first thing that truly started to shift my mindset and help me relax and calm my mind and body. Seriously, this is the best $9 I've ever spent on Amazon!

You can also get the individual tracks at the link above, and if you are interested in that, these are the ones I'd recommend in order of helpfulness for me for certain times:

Before bed/while falling asleep:
Flowing Comfort
Progressive Relaxation
Relaxing Restful Breathing
Guided Imagery - Floating Through Colors

As a rejuvination/de-stresser/energizer mid-day:
Power Nap
Guided Imagery - Inner Energy
Relaxing Restful Breathing

As an Emotional Reset:
Guided Imagery - Inner Wisdom

As you can tell though, I recommend getting the whole album. Why not? It's only as much as a Chipotle Rice Bowl with a Side of Guacamole and Chips, and we could all give that up once for relaxation, calm and a good night's sleep :)

I hope that all/any of this could be helpful to you. Please feel free to share with anyone you think it could help.

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