Saturday, April 6, 2013

Progress Update - Digestive Health and Clearer Skin!

Well, it's only been a couple months since we started all this, and I'm already seeing improvement in some areas!
Since I've cut out dairy and meat, my digestion has really improved! I'm having a lot less trouble digesting my food, and I just feel better after I eat. Before, after I ate, I often felt great discomfort, and even pain, and suffered terrible consequences. It's amazing it took me this long to be willing to change! But I am so glad I am now. I did eat meat this week, a couple times actually, and each time, my digestion regressed to a state similar to my former condition, and I did not like it. I don't want to feel that way anymore. No thank you. I don't miss eating meat or even dairy. That is a shocker. But, thanks to avocados, I am very happy with my current food choices, and I've been pleasantly surprised that my tastes can change. People can change what they like! I've gotten used to feeling better, and I want to keep feeling better and better, and the food that makes that possible is tasting good to me. Really good!

My digestion isn't perfect of course, but I am almost positive as to what causes the problems I still encounter occasionally: stress and lack of sleep. Yes, these are the culprits. Sometimes they are under my control, and sometimes they are not. I am doing what I can to help lessen these problems, but I have a long way to go. It is good that I know what I need to help myself, and I have a goal to work toward. I could basically guarantee myself excellent digestion if I:
- drink my veggie/fruit juice when I wake up
- practice yoga in the morning (and hopefully another time during the day to help lessen stress and slow down)
- eat my big bowl of cereal (which includes plain shredded wheat, rolled oats, grape nuts, ground flax seed, raw walnuts, raisins, banana and almond or soy milk)
- have a nutritious, plant centered lunch with whole grains
- drink a big fruit smoothie (with frozen fruit, water, ground flax seed, and raw kale or spinach
- eat a dinner centered on veggies, beans and whole grains
- eat at least one large green salad
- not over work myself
- get a good nights sleep from 10pm-6am
Yes, this is the absolute ideal for me. I am sure of it, and all of this happens maybe once or twice a week, but it is what I have to strive for, and if I do even half of these things each day, my digestion is still pretty good, so hooray for that!

I've also noticed that when I eat processed oils with my food (any kind, obviously, I haven't been eating dairy kinds, but olive or canola oil, or any expeller pressed processed oil products such as veganaise (vegan substitute for mayonaisse), or tofutti better than cream cheese, I don't feel as well for one, and my skin is not as clear. When I don't eat those things, my skin is much clearer. I wish I had known this as a teenager! But at  least I know now.
And I would just like to say thank you to all of you have shown me support in my journey and are hopeful for my success. I have been deeply touched by people's desire for me to gain good health, and for the many people who want to learn more and hope that I will post recipes and instructions about how to do this.
Sometimes I even feel a little overwhelmed by it. I truly want to tell everyone about all the recipes I'm trying and inventing, so they can try them too, and sometimes I can find the time to post a recipe or two. But, I am finding that as a wife and mother, with a part time job on top of that, who is trying to learn how to do this herself just doesn't have the extra time to spend working on her blog as much as she would like to.
So, please accept my apology for being very slow to post my recipes. It takes quite a bit of time to invent them and carry them out, and critique and try them again. I aspire to write a cook book someday, even if it is just for my own family. That is a dream that I have. But you can't write a cook book in a day, I'm guessing it will take me years. But the important thing is to enjoy the journey.
And while you are waiting for me to post, and if you are really serious about wanting to make healthful eating choices and change your life, you can do it! I believe in you. If you really want it, you can do it. Search for those resources. I have posted on the side of my blog, links to movies and cookbooks that have really helped me on my way.
If you are interested in what I am doing, check them out, and they can give you way more ideas than I can! They are the experts, and I am just starting out as a beginner, so they can really give you the guidance you are looking for. I would especially recommend "Forks Over Knives" the movie, the extended interviews, and the cook book. That is solely focused on eating for health. And I wish you all the best in your own journey and hope with all my heart that I can be a good example and help inspire and empower people to discover improved health :)

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Brittney said...

I'm glad your finding success. I bought the book Peas and Thank you because of your suggestion. It looks good! Your recipe looks really good for the chicken salad sandwiches! I'm excited to try it.