Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Health - Provident Living on the Mormon Channel

I just listened to this:

on the Mormon Channel.  I have to listen to this episode again to be sure, but I really think I agree with everything they said! That is pretty amazing when it comes to people talking about health.

Seriously, you'll want to listen to it too! It's so awesome! I have some serious goals for sleeping better (going to bed before 10:00pm), de-stressing and not over working (more yoga, relaxation and moderate exercise), writing down what I am thankful for every day, and drinking more water (paying attention and drinking some whenever I am thirsty).

I am thankful for the good that technology can bring into my life if I use it the right way. I am thankful for the people who work so hard to give us helpful things to listen to on the Mormon Channel. I am thankful for my calling in my ward as Provident Living Specialist.

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