Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apple Butter that's "Good for what ails ya"

My husband's Papa/father, Robert Bruce Wagner (John's middle name is Robert after his Grandpa), passed away more than 10 years ago. I never had a chance to meet him in this life, although I expect Baby John got to know him before he came to us. Seth has told me that his Papa used to say that something was, "good for what ails ya." I thought of that as I put this homemade apple butter in pint jars. Usually apple butter has 1-2 cups of sugar in it, and this only has an 1/8 cup of honey, no sugar. This apple butter is good for what ails ya! And Eddy's had pick your own Blushing Golden and Suncrisp apples now. Our favorites! All the more reason to go apple picking in the gorgeous autumn and make lots of delicious things out of apples. Enjoy!
 Apple Butter that's "Good for what ails ya"

- 10 unpeeled apples (washed, cored, and cliced into 8ths)
- 1/8 c. apple cider vinegar
- 1/8 c. honey
- pinch of sea salt
- 1 Tb. cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp. cloves
- 1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1. Put all ingredients into a crock pot, and cook on low over night (at least 8 hours, up to 12)
2. Blend with an immersion blender (or ladle carefully into an immersion blender

Seriously, how easy is that!?

- Toast a slice of whole wheat/multi-grain bread, slather on a nice coat of natural nut butter of your choice, and then top with apple butter for a deliciously healthy snack!


Heather H said...

I love apple butter and I never put sugar in it, just cook it longer than applesauce and add in the spices. Yumm!

Hannah said...

Sound delicious! Apple butter always reminds me of Grandma Hubbard.

Emily and Seth said...

It reminds me of Grandma Hubbard too!